History books will define this date as the launch of GCC’s first metro system- the Dubai Metro. With 70km of magnetic tracks, the Dubai Metro is the world’s largest automated driverless train system.

I have the luxury of having a metro station within 100 meters of my home as well as my office. Needless to say that I will not be driving to work when both these stations are operational. Besides saving the stress of driving in Dubai, I can actually utilize that time to get some work done.


The onboard Wi-Fi powered by Wi-Max will help me stay connected and I wont have to worry about straying to the next lane while driving and messaging. Just kidding. I will also not have to guess the amount of time I’d need to get to the office to attend a meeting. Unfortunately, this also means that I wont be able to blame my tardiness on the traffic as often as I used to.

All jokes aside, lets take a moment and give our gratitude to the thousands of workers that have worked in this blistering summer heat, non-stop on days- just to get us the comfort of going from point A to B without worrying about a dozen other things:

You’ve left your families and comforts of your home behind to give me a better life.
I Thank You.
Abbas Jaffar Ali

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