At an event at the Burj Khalifa, popular PC maker Alienware unveiled their latest portfolio called the Eco gaming notebooks. The new Eco gaming laptops appear to hold a new design aesthetic that’s thinner and lighter than their traditional “R” series products. The new lineup includes the Alienware 13, the Alienware 15 and the Alienware 17.


Few specifications of the new devices have been released, but it’s said that the Alienware 17 holds a 17-inch 4K display with touchscreen support. Alienware also revealed their Graphics Amplifier that has the capacity to house the world’s fastest NVIDIA desktop graphics cards, the Titan Z.


The Graphics Amplifier can be paired with any of the new Eco gaming notebooks and run most PC games at smooth framerates at the max settings.


A year ago, Alienware officially debuted the all-new Area-51 with a uniquely designed PC cabinet. Surprisingly at the event, Alienware announced that they plan to launch the new Area-51 soon in the Middle Eastern region as well. The new Area-51 will be equipped with two NVIDIA GTX Titan Z graphics cards in SLi mode. This sort of configuration gives users a massive 24GB GDDR5, since each Titan Z has 12GB GDDR5 alone.

We had a chance to have a chat with Rajat Rallan, Senior Product Manager at Alienware, where we touched on the new products launch, their pricing and more.


Could you tell us about the latest Alienware laptops that was launched tonight?

Rajat Rallan: We have attempted to bring the thinnest possible gaming machines without compromising on performance. These are the key pillars of our products. These notebooks are almost 50% thinner than the previous generation that we had. We have i7 superclocked CPUs, we have high end NVIDIA GPU graphics. To enhance performance further, we have the graphics amplifier as an add-on. If you want very high end graphics, beyond notebook graphics, you can install a desktop graphics card into the graphics amplifier. You get the full performance of a graphics card onto any of these notebooks.

This is the notebook part of it, then we have also launched the latest desktop which is the Alienware Area-51, which is our flagship product. This one is the latest generation with design enhancements, looks different exterior and interior [sic]. It comes with liquid cooling to manage the heat. The Titan Z comes with an addressable memory of 12GB, so if you put two Titan Z you get 24GB video memory. Earlier, we had the NVIDIA Titan X, and now we have the Titan Z. The device also has five storage bases. You can put four harddrives with an SSD drive. What we are trying to do is offer SSD and regular hard drives. SSD gives you more performance, and high storage from the hard drives.

Then we have introduced our Alpha gaming console. Currently, it is with Windows operating system with an Xbox controller. We would transition this to a full Steam machine with Steam OS. We are talking about a September-October launch time. It all depends on the Steam OS launch time and new controllers.

When is the Area-51 expected to launch Dubai?

You can order the Area51 now. It’s something which is very new for us. We can expect this to hit the self around the middle of July. We have a lot of inquiries from a lot of gaming consumers, SMB customers and government officials.

What’s the starting price of the Area-51?

Starting price would be 10999AED, and would go up to 29,999 AED price points.

How about the pricing of the new Alienware 13, Alienware 15 and Alienware 17?

On 17-inch we have two configurations, one a 10999AED, and the other is 13,999 AED. The 15 inch 8999 up to 10999, and 13 is 6999AED to 7999AED.

Can’t we configure the laptops on our own?

What we do is we pre-build the configuration. We will have an entry level and a high end configuration.

Do you guys plan to offer GPU upgrades to the next generation for already sold laptops?

I don’t think that’s feasible on a logistics point of view. We have to work through our sellers and distributors. But that’s a good idea.

Check out the gallery from the event below:


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