GamesFest is back this Friday, June 13 and one of the things to watch out for is a regional attempt to set an overclocking record. AMD’s technical marketing guru and overclocking aficionado Sami Makinen will be attempting the overclocking record using the latest AMD hardware. Makinen is already a Guinness World Record holder for overclocking the AMD FX to 8429.38 Mhz. How does he do it? Watch this video:


Sami will use the following components to attempt the overclocking record this weekend:

AMD FX-9590 8 core 5GHz
The Radeon R9 295×2
ASUS ROG 990FX series motherboard
16GB DDR1866 memory
1000W single rail 12V PSU
Dell 4K monitor

Come on down to GamesFest at the Living Rooms Cafe on Friday, June 13 to see if Sami can get closer to 9GHz.


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