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AMD Wraith Cooler With FX-8370

AMD Wraith Cooler With FX-8370

Stock Coolers gets revamped


The Good

  • Neat looking design
  • Silent cooling
  • Bigger fin area
  • AMD LED illumination
  • Comes boxed with FX-8370

The Bad

  • Not meant for overclocking
8.0 Design
7.5 Features
7.5 Performance
8.5 Value

AMD Radeon Fury X GPUStock coolers are decent for normal workloads, but talk to a power user and they’ll tell you that it’s amongst the first items that get discarded- not only due of its limitations to cope up with extreme overclocking but also because of their irritatingly loud fans. That’s about to change for AMD branded processors with the new AMD Wraith cooler that runs as silent as a library.


The AMD Wraith Cooler is designed from the ground up to offer effective CPU cooling with minimum fan noise than its predecessor models. AMD has increased the overall size of the cooler to accommodate more heatpipes, a larger fin area, a bigger fan shroud, and a wider processor heat spread area.

AMD claims that the fin size has been increased by 24% surface area. The fin area appears to look like a 3-step stairway, along with four copper heat pipes (two on each side) that originates from the main base fin area, and seamlessly diving all the way under the processor heat spread plate. And by the way, AMD has already applied thermal paste on the heat spread for your convenience.

I really like the simplistic design of the shroud. AMD claims that the new fan design offers about 34% more airflow for better cooling efficiency, and creates about less than one-third noise of older AMD stock coolers (39dbA).

While the shroud of the Wraith looks really impressive for a stock cooler, AMD has also added its own LED based logo illumination that gloriously shines when the power is on. Neat! We are actually looking at a premium class “stock cooler” from AMD.


AMD will be bundling the Wraith cooler along with the AMD FX-8370 octa-core processor. This 125W chip is based on the Piledriver CPU architecture, and built around the 32nm fabrication process. The eight cores compute at a maximum speed of 4GHz, along with a total L2 cache of 8MB.

We tested the AMD Wraith cooler and FX-8370 processor on an ASUS 970 Pro Gaming Aura AM3+ motherboard, an AMD Radeon Fury X GPU, 8GB GSkill RipJaw DDR3 RAM, and a Kingston 240GB SSD running Windows 10 Professional.

For this review, our focus is on the effectiveness of the Wraith cooler. We used PC Mark 8 Creative, 3D Mark FireStrike and two games- Tomb Raider and GTA 5 to find the temperatures of the CPU. I’ve also set the fan profile mode to “Turbo” via the bios, considering the fact we will always require the best performance to handle the heat of the CPU.

PC Mark 8 Creative (Score: 5899)Real-timeMinimumMaximum
CPU Temperature57 ℃42 ℃60 ℃
CPU Fan Speed2889 RPM2343 RPM3000 RPM
3D Mark FireStrike (Score: 10192)Real-timeMinimumMaximum
CPU Temperature 46 ℃ 40 ℃ 58 ℃
CPU Fan Speed 2689 RPM 2428 RPM 2986 RPM
Tomb Raider 1080p (195 fpsav g.)Real-timeMinimumMaximum
CPU Temperature 44 ℃ 42 ℃ 54 ℃
CPU Fan Speed 2576 RPM2490 RPM2986 RPM
GTA 5 1080p (51fps avg.)Real-timeMinimumMaximum
CPU Temperature 52 ℃ 44 ℃ 60 ℃
CPU Fan Speed 2872 RPM 2576 RPM 2986 RPM

I used CPUID HW Monitor app that shows a lot of information such as real-time CPU speed, temperatures, fan speed, voltages etc. And in this case, I noted down the CPU Temperatures, and the Wraith’s fan speed in real-time, minimum and maximum readings. As you can see, the CPU temperatures raced to 60 degrees, a minimum of 40 degrees centigrade, and an average real-time between 45-57 degrees based on application. However, the fan ran at a maximum speed of 3000 RPM, and a minimum of 2343 RPM.

Check out the above clip of the AMD Wraith in action. Even with the “Turbo” fan profile, the Wraith seems to be pretty quiet on an open-testbed. Thecoole r will not be audible when inside a chassis.


The AMD Wraith cooler was easy to install due to its simplicity to latch and lock atop the CPU and motherboard. And it looks like AMD’s new approach for silent cooling solutions should change user’s perspective about stock coolers. The Wraith Cooler is a must-have CPU component for those who are considering to build an AMD budget gaming PC.

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Tbreak Staff

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Piledriver microarchitecture, a tuned-up Bulldozer, has finally reached the flagship AMD FX processors (the new FX series processors are codenamed Vishera) for improved performance and better energy-efficiency. Eight “Piledriver” cores ensure rich, crisp video and seamless multitasking. The AMD Turbo Core technology pushes your core frequencies to the most when you need it most. To top it off, like all other AMD’s Black Edition processors, the new AMD FX eight-core Vishera processor is fully unlocked for fabulous overclocking* capability. Great performance is not the only trick AMD has up their sleeve. Vishera processors are at a reasonable price point. The bundled processor is updated, named Wraith, giving you better cooling performance while reducing the noise to the level near threshold of human hearing. You'll get better experience from all your applications.

Name AMD Wraith Cooler With FX-8370
Socket AM3+
CPU Cores 8 Vishera Cores
CPU Core Clock 4.0 GHz (4.3 GHz Turbo)
Number of threads 8
Fabrication Process 32nm
L2 Cache 4 x 2MB
L3 Cache 8MB
TDP Class 125W

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