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Android might soon be able to track Bluetooth device battery

Keep track of your bluetooth headset's battery easily

Android Might Soon Be Able To Track Bluetooth Device Battery

Bluetooth based wireless headphones are all the rage these days, however, keeping track of its battery power can get tricky. Now, Android is here to help.

According to a report from XDA Developers, it appears that the Android Open Source Project is working on a way for the Google-powered platform to track the battery life of Bluetooth devices. A feature seen on Apple devices since iOS 9, its high time it comes to Android based phones as well.

In the report, certain Samsung, LG and OnePlus devices have their own ways of displaying, while others are stuck relying on third-party applications like BatON to know if they should grab their charger cables.

Although Google is working on this feature, it does not mean it will show in the next big Android update. It is also  up to Bluetooth device manufacturers to ensure their products can communicate energy data using Android's API, meaning Google can only meet halfway towards a solution.

There still seems to be a fair share of work up ahead, and with more phones dropping headphone jacks these days, it has become quite a necessity.


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