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Android O might be called Android Oreo

Could the OS be named after the popular cookie?

Android O Might Be Called Android Oreo

Google yesterday revealed the launch date and time of Android O, and it also dropped a big hint on what it might be called.

Sharp eyed readers would have spotted that a teaser video posted to Google+ had the revealing filename "GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids (1).mp4". Shortly after the filename was spotted, Google's social media team went and changed it  to "Octopus Teaser.mp4". This might be a reference  to the octopus animation Easter egg in recent editions of the Android O beta.

Oreo makes sense to be the name for the new update, as it is famous as KitKat, which was used in the 4th version. It is less likely for Google to switch to Octopus, as it doesnt go with the sweets and treats theme.

We dont know for sure how quickly Android O will be pushed out to phones. However, phones such as Nexus and Pixels will get first dibs. The OS update has been available as a public beta for several months, doesn't add a huge amount of new features, but you'll notice improvements to battery life, the notification system, and boot times. 

Android O is arriving on Monday, August 21. Google has announced a livestream announcement for 2:40PM EST (11:40AM PST, 7:40PM GMT).


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