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Android O to come on August 21st

Will there be a name change?

Android O To Come On August 21St

Revealed back in March, Android O is Google's next step for its Android OS. After several public betas, it seems that the official date could be as soon as August 21st.

According to mobile tipster Evan Blass and Android Police editor David Ruddock, August 21st is the most likely the day Android O gets released, which is pretty much the best confirmation you can get apart from Google's official announcement.

Unless you have a Pixel or Nexus phone, you might not get  to see Android O for a while. However, the update will roll out eventually to other manufacturers. However, as for the name, Google has been quiet about what the successor to Nougat will be. Speculations include Oatmeal, Oreos and so on. The inclusion of an octopus as an Easter egg inside the latest Android O beta suggests Google might be ditching desserts and moving to underwater molluscs instead.

Android 7 Nougat was released on August 22nd 2016, so the pattern fits if August 21 is indeed going to be the day for Android O. Want to know what to expect on Android O? Click here to find out.


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