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Android Wear users facing issues with Google Assistant

Dont worry, a fix is coming

Android Wear Users Facing Issues With Google Assistant

Despite the launch of Android Wear 2.0, it has not been the best year for Android Wear. Google's wrist based OS has been lagging behind the Apple Watch, and mainly due to problems such as delayed rollouts and lack of flagship devices. However, now there is another issue.

Users have been complaining about a broken Google Assistant on the Android Wear devices. Since this is one of the flagship features, an issue with it is not something the company would want. The bug was confirmed on a post in the Google Product Forums and reported by Android Police, and it seems a recent update to the OS means Google Assistant can no longer set timers, send texts, control smart home devices and other features that makes it the useful assistant app it is.

"We identified some issues in Google Assistant for Android Wear that we are working to fix," explained a Google community manager over the weekend. "We will be gathering bug reports from an email that you will receive, let us know." In other words, report the bugs to Google and sit tight.

There also seems to be a second issue, where users have to face a  bug that completes recurring reminders automatically without any user input has been dragging on for months, and Google just admitted that a patch intended to fix the issue hasn't actually fixed the issue.

Lets hope Google gets on to fixing these bugs soon, as Android Wear has a lot of potential, and we would like to see it in its full swing.


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