If this is your first time hearing about Carry Tech or Apotop, then you’re not alone. The Taiwanese based Carry Tech company is actually 22 years old, and has been credited with making the world’s first USB card readers for each of the three generations (1.1, 2.0, 3.0). Primarily Carry Tech manufactures storage products and R&D related to the medium. Their Apotop brand was launched recently which focuses on high-end storage products such as desktop and laptop memory modules, flash drives and SD cards and SSDs.

Today I’ll be looking at their S3A 256GB SSD for review. The S3A series is their highest-end production line for solid state drives, featuring SATA III (6Gbps) connection in high capacities. The S3A 256GB SSD comes in a brushed metal case finished in black. At 9mm high, the S3A series comes in the standard 2.5-inch drive form factor. That’s good enough for most laptops and desktops (thanks to the included 3.5-inch bracket), but not for ultrabooks.

apotop (1)

Inside we have eight NAND Flash modules on the front, presumably from Carry Tech themselves, with another eight modules on the back alongside the SandForce SF-2281VB1-SDC controller ship. Fairly standard stuff all round, the S3A 256GB rated at 520MBps write amd 550MBps read speeds.

Test Setup

For testing the Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD, the below testbed was used:

apotop (3)


apotop (2)

apotop (5)

apotop (6)


As you can see, the Apotop S3A 256GB performs exceptionally well. In fact, it’s right up there with one of our fastest ever SSDs we’ve used. The PCMark 7 benchmark should also give you an idea of it’s day to day usage capability. With the built-in TRIM support in Windows 7 & 8, including the latest Mac OS X, the Apotop S3A 256GB SSD is a simple plug and play solution. The drive takes care of itself, especially with 4K random writes of up to 85,000 IOPS, the S3A is also one of the most reliable drives in the market.

apotop (4)

Looking at the price point, there’s not much differentiating the Apotop S3A 256GB SSD from the likes of OCZ, Corsair, SanDisk, etc., but if you want one of the fastest drives in the market, the Apotop S3A series is definitely one to consider.


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