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Apple buys its own machinery to speed up iPhone 8 production

Will you get it on time?

Apple Buys Its Own Machinery To Speed Up I Phone 8 Production

Apple seems to be pulling all the stops to get the iPhone 8 ready soon, as a new report from Asia says the company has started  buying and leasing out its own manufacturing equipment to ensure enough parts are made to keep up with demand.

According to Korea Herald, a reliable source of insider Apple info,  Apple's new machinery is responsible for making rigid flexible printed circuit boards (RFPCBs) for the guts of the phone and that one board supplier has already pulled out of its agreement. This move costs Apple tens of millions of dollars, and is part of a bid to ensure timely supply.

This means that there are chances that the iPhone 8 is going to delayed or available in limited quantities this September. For specs, we are looking at a 5.8-inch, edge-to-edge screen that hides the Touch ID fingerprint sensor under the display and AR features. The phone might also get wireless charging, face recognition and much more.

This might take some time for sure, but lets hope the phone is not delayed by too much.


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