Hot on the heels of Android’s smart lock update with L, Apple has decided to follow suit. The company filed a patent application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, The patent stated, “ settings on a mobile device can be modified based on the location of the mobile device.” which is essentially location based technology to sense the user and modify the phone’s unlock codes. 

Apple’s smart lock for their iPhone would recognize user locations based on their GPS or Wifi. The system would analyse user’s homes, work place and even vehicles to adjust the level of security on their device. So user’s can easily access their phone if they were home but a more stricter phone lock would be enabled if they were at a public location.

It’s likely Apple could showcase these features with their next iPhone release due in a month’s time. Last year’s iPhone saw the addition of the TouchID fingerprint scanner and earlier this year, another patent was filed from Apple for a system to sync all data across all their devices with the exact bio metric data and makes them one step closer to eliminate the password lock.







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