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Apple iPad Mini might not get any more upgrades

Looks like Apple iPad Mini is going to stay that way

Apple I Pad Mini Might Not Get Any More Upgrades

According to recent reports, there are chances that the Apple iPad mini might not have much of a future.

The smaller versions of the standard 9.7 Apple iPad, is reportedly facing trouble due to its low sales, claims a source who seems to be familiar with Apple's plans. No sales figures have been released as such, but this source states that Apple's iPad Mini is suffering from “fierce cannibalism”, which could be contributing to confusion on store shelves.

According to BGR, the iPad Mini was launched during a time before the Plus-sized iPhone, so it’s purpose was more clearly defined. However, the value it presents has become incredibly questionable, especially when its put against the new iPad, which is better than the iPad Mini 4 and requires less money upfront.

Sure the iPad Mini did strike a chord with many, however, its future was unclear as more Apple products came out. While all this is still unconfirmed, the chances for this to be true is high, especially since the iPad Mini is the weakest link for Apple right now.


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