Videos of the iPhone 6 sapphire display have surfaced undergoing several torture tests which apparently show the screen’s resilience to damage. Could this be the end of the cracked iPhone?

The videos having been posted recently, one by Sonny Dickson and the other by Brands Brownlee, video tech bloggers, show the screen being subjected under the hammer yet after several blows and drops the screen survived with virtually no scratches.

A new video from HK Apple Daily takes the stress test one step further by making a 1.6 ton vehicle run over the screen which is the only thing that manages to shatter the glass easily. The damage caused by the pressure on the edge of the sapphire glass panel quickly spread through the entire frame. The glass was so resilient, that it broke cleanly and without any webbing, the sort that you see with most glass damage. This suggests the screen itself is made of several laminated layers.

Professor Neil Alford, a member of the Department of Materials at the Imperial College in London told The Guardian that this is very much a sapphire glass front and more so that it’s a legitimate Apple part for the Iphone 6.

“In my opinion the screen being shown off in the video could well be a sapphire screen. If you make sapphire thin enough, and it’s flaw free, you can bend it quite considerably because it has an enormous strength. I think they will be doing some sort of a lamination – binding different crystal cuts of sapphire together – boosting the toughness of the material, while they may also have induced some sort of a strain in the surface of the glass – either compression or tension – which means that it has extra strength.” he added.


  1. Biggest issue here in the gulf is with the sand or small particles of dust. It manages to scratch most phones if one is not careful.

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