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Apple MacBook Pro failed battery tests, here's why

Here is what Apple did to fix it

Macbook Pro

After the recent reviews of the new Macbook Pro which didnt exactly show it in a good light, Apple has finally released a fix hoping to address concerns over the laptop's battery issues.

Currently available through Apple's Beta Software Program before releasing to the general public, Apple's MacBook Pro update fixes a bug in Safari that the company claims caused an all-over-the-place battery rating during Consumer Reports' testing procedures. In a recent statement to Consumer Reports, Apple claims that the bug triggered when the outlet's reviewers shut off the caching feature in Safari when they were testing the laptop for battery failure. Apple also criticized this method for failing to reflect typical usage by average consumers.

The bug drained significant battery life, which is what lead the consumer watchdog clocking battery life results everywhere from 19.5 hours to a scant 3.75. This rating resulted in the MacBook Pro losing the covetous "Recommended" rating from Consumer Reports, making it the first of Apple's notebooks to miss the title.

Once Apple provided the fix, Consumer Reports claims that the MacBook Pro now rate consistently higher for battery life on the re-test, and will report back with new scores once the results are complete. However, the MacBook Pro is not out of the hot water just yet. Reports suggest that the laptop's power source could still be inherently problematic. Recent reports point that  Apple swapped in an underwhelming battery at the last minute to make deadline. Additionally, the company had already submitted a separate fix last month nixing the laptop's wildy inaccurate "battery life remaining" meter. 

Since Apple's perceived problem resulted from Consumer Reports' particular testing methods – turning off features average users might not touch – it's still not yet clear whether its worth getting the latest MacBook Pro from Apple.


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