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Apple patents an in-display fingerprint recognition sensor based on acoustic imaging

Apple is working on facial recognition but new a patent details that the tech giant is also working on in-display fingerprint recognition tech

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Advanced facial recognition is said to be one of the security features that Apple is going to maintain and improve on its iPhone 8 and future devices, but the latest patent details the arrival of an improved fingerprint detection method. While we should say our farewells to Touch ID, it does not look like Apple wants to get rid of fingerprint authentication just yet. That being said, an in-display fingerprint recognition technology looks to be the only course of action for the tech giant to place on newer devices.

To maintain a bezel-less smartphone design, Apple will either need to shift the Touch ID fingerprint reader on the rear side or devise a plan to retain the sensor at the front while using advanced engineering. According to Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 9,747,488 for an ‘Active sensing element for acoustic imaging systems’, the patent details a method by which a user’s biometric data will be collected through the use of ultrasonic transmission and detection.

Fingerprint images are going to be collected and once they are processed, can work in the same manner that Touch ID does, with the only difference being that Apple will finally be able to port this security addition on the front side of mobile phones for easy access to users.

The advantage here is acoustic imaging technology will not require optical access, so the ultrasonic transducers can be placed beneath components such as a display (images via AppleInsider). Unfortunately, since the technology is not ready for the iPhone 8, you will either have to make do with facial recognition or by accessing the Touch ID reader at the rear side of the upcoming flagship.

Apple’s 2018 list of smartphones might have a different tale to tell as far as features are concerned, but it is claimed that the latter’s facial recognition technology is unparalleled to its rivals.

The only thing to sulk about is this technology is not going to find its place in the upcoming iPhone.


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