The holy month of Ramadan is upon us. If you’re Muslim, this means it’s a month of fasting and humility. For those of you who are not Muslim, here are some suggestions from your friendly tech geeks at Tbreak on how to lead a humble online life during the month of Ramadan.

Things you should not do online during Ramadan:
1. Do not post your bikini pictures as your Facebook profile picture this month (Please be appropriate and save them for Eid instead)
2. Do not swear on Twitter
3. Keep your Facebook Status updates and Tweets PG13.
4. Avoid playing video games with a lot of swear words, especially if you’re playing the game in a public place.
5. If you’ve purchased a copy of Stuff Magazine to read the latest tech articles, please refrain from staring at all the hot, half-naked girls till Eid.

On a different note, here’s a list of apps that you might find useful this month:

Call To Pray
Call to Pray is a free application that provides prayer timings based on your country and will also show you the direction of the Qilba, based on your current location. You also have access to both the Hijri and Gregorian calendars. Plus, you can share prayer times over BBM, SMS, email or Facebook.

Yahoo! Maktoob Ramadan
iPad and iPhone/Free
Yahoo! Maktoob have come up with a app for the iPhone and iPad that lets you check out prayer timings and gives you loads of Ramadan food recipes to try out. The app automatically detects your location and customizes content depending on where you’re located. Plus, there’s plenty of Ramadan-centric content from Yahoo! Maktoob for you to look through. Plenty of similar apps are available on the App Store but this one’s free to download.

Quran App
The Holy Quran is available for the Blackberry as a free download. If you’re using an iPad there are plenty of similar applications available such as  Quran Explorer.

Time Out Dubai
iPad and iPhone/Free
If you’re not fasting this month and want to find out what’s open in terms of restaurants and venues, download Time Out Dubai’s application to keep track of your favourite hangouts and when they’re open. There’s also a great list of Iftars to try out and some Dos and Don’ts during the month of Ramadan.


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