Generally you expect an entrepreneur to go on stage at ArabNet to showcase a new app or a service that aggregates data and turns it into something social or meaningful. However, a session presented yesterday by Ashraf Alkiswani, CEO at must have definitely raised a few eyebrows. The goal at is to provide a range of tasteful products to help rekindle the purity and passion between married couples. In the ArabNet brochure, it is defined as a platform that provides Marriage, Relationship and Sexual Education as well as Consultation along with an online store for Marital and Sexual aids.


If you head over to the website, you can read articles such as┬áSex Positions (Part 1) and 8 Foods for better Sex Life. Clicking on the online store lets you buy products from categories such as Edible Delights, Bedroom Games and Pheromones. Interestingly, Karaz does not believe in using pornography or raunchy schematics to sell their products and to avoid getting blocked in the region. In fact, Mr. Ashraf even showed a ministry certificate of approval in his presentation and said it’s “fully sharia compliant”.


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