Ultrabooks have taken over the notebook market leaving some power gamers craving for the graphics and computing power. One might argue that a desktop computer is better for gaming but some of us don’t prefer the bulky towers and large monitors. We want our gaming rigs to be compact and portable. That’s where gaming notebooks come in, sometimes even called desktop replacements because of their sheer power that can match high-end desktops. We look at one such laptop today brought to us by ASUS under their Republic of Gamers brand. The G750 series of notebooks comes with a specific focus on gaming and we have the G750JZ, the premium version on the series for review. Let’s check it out.


Design & Specifications

The Asus G750JZ looks mean. It somewhat resembles competing desktop replacements from MSI and Alienware. At 40.89 x 31.75 x 1.78 cm, its certainly huge and weighing 4.49 kgs, it isn’t exactly very portable. Still, the sleek black colour gives it a premium feeling and the large vents on the sides help run the notebook efficiently even under heavy load.


On the specifications side, the ASUS G750JZ is equipped with some of the best components available. It is powered by an Intel Core i7 4700HQ processor running at 2.40 GHz along with a massive 32 GB of RAM. There are two hard disks, a 256 GB SSD that is primarily used as a boot drive, along with a 1 TB hard drive split into two partitions which you can use for installing software and as a data dump. You also get a Blu-ray drive that can read and write data so you can watch high definition movies on the large 17.3-inch full HD anti-glare screen.

As a high-end notebook, the ASUS G750JZ is loaded with virtually every port that you can ask for. This includes audio ports for sound output and microphone, four USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet port and lastly, a Thunderbolt port. An HD web camera is also included along with a card reader. Connectivity-wise, there is Bluetooth 4.0 along with Wi-Fi 802.11 ac. The G750JZ features a built-in subwoofer for improved sound output – though in testing I rarely felt the bass.

The keyboard on the ASUS G750JZ is backlit, letting you use it even in the dark. It lacks the customization options present on the MSI GT70, with the different coloured LED lights, but overall the layout is perfect especially for gaming. The keys are tactile and even include a separate numeric keypad. The extra-large Trackpad is perfect for navigating the notebook, but if you are not a fan of using trackpads ASUS has bundled a decent gaming mouse along with the G750JZ.

The ASUSs G750JZ touts the latest (and greatest) Nvidia graphics chip made for notebooks – the GTX 880M. With 4 GB of graphics memory, this notebook should not have a problem running the latest games or those intensive 3D applications. More details about graphic performance will be discussed below. Finally, the ASUS G750JZ comes pre-installed with Windows 8.1 that includes the new and improved features of Microsoft’s latest operating system. ASUS has also bundled the GPU Tweak software, which lets you overclock your graphics card to maximize its full potential.


The ASUS G750JZ is built for gaming and it shows. It can’t match high-end desktops in terms of frame rates, but it functions well enough to play games at decent frame rates. I managed to get 80.55 fps for Bioshock: Infinite and 28.1 fps for Metro: Last Light. On 3DMark, the G750JZ scored 18605 in the Cloud Gate benchmark, 5597 in the Fire Strike benchmark and 107150 in the Ice Storm benchmark.

The ASUS G750JZ comes with an 8 cell battery that churns out a decent amount of time for you to enjoy games or watch movies. I managed to watch about 5 hours of movies before it started telling me to put the charger back on – a good result compared to other gaming notebooks out there. General usage varies, though I suspect you would be using the notebook plugged in most of the time.



The Asus G750JZ comes with a rather large power brick that even adds more kilograms to the whole package but keep in mind this particular notebook was not meant to be portable in the first place. Costing about $3000, it’s quite an expensive purchase, though less expensive options are available. Still, the Asus G750JZ screams in terms of performance and showcases decent battery life and is definitely worthy to carry the Republic of Gamers brand.

ASUS RoG G750JZ Gaming Laptop
8.3 Score

+ Excellent Performance
+ Decent Battery Life
+ Good Keyboard


- Very big and heavy
- Can get loud and hot



  1. Interesting review. I have one of those, and have tried another model. If you compare it with MSI GT 70/60 dominator pro, you would understand that this laptop doesn’t turn “loud and hot”. From the laptops, usign 880m, only Asus and Alienware deals well the temperature and noise issues. + for office work, it is very quite, only if you put high-demanding stuff like Futuremark, or a game like Metro LL, you can hear the increase of fan speed. And not a lot of laptops offer stable overclocking (since the temperature really allows it). All in all, good review.

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