The ASUS RT-N66U tested last week was quite the crowd-pleaser, but sometimes it’s important to enjoy the simpler things in life. Not everyone needs 5GHz signals with multiple guest connections and sharing data half way around the world over VPN. Sometimes all we need is strong signal in a house, and that’s where the ASUS RT-N12HP comes in.


Asus RT-N12 (1)

The router itself is very small, measuring just 18 x 13 cm, looking like a baby RT-N66U. However, don’t judge it by its size just yet, as the RT-N12HP comes with two large antennas, each measuring almost 38 cm in length. This makes the RT-N12HP give a supposed 300% increase in signal power compared to standard 802.11n routers.

Range Test

4Asus RT-N12 (2)

And just to see this claim I went outside our office, and on the same floor, through the corridor and past another two offices (all with concrete walls), I still got 2 of 3 bar connection on my iPhone 5 standing about 30ft. away from the ASUS RT-N12HP. Got down to the ground floor and I got the signal about 25ft. away from the office on the first floor. In comparison our resident Cisco dual-band router (with no antennas) didn’t show up on the iPhone 5 under half the same distance as the ASUS RT-N12HP! So, ASUS’ claim of having 300% more coverage than regular Wireless N routers is pretty much spot on!


Now digging into the main UI, which is identical to the high-end RT-N66U, you’ll see some very basic, but easy to use options and settings. Parental Control, VPN, QoS and Guest Network are some essential settings that the RT-N12HP allows you to tweak with ease.

4Asus RT-N12 (3)

While I was impressed with the wireless coverage of the RT-N12HP, testing the bandwidth also yielded similar satisfaction. Rated at a maximum of 300Mbps, the ASUS RT-N12HP gave an average file transfer rate of 10.5 Mbps using Performance Test 8.

4Asus RT-N12 (1)


Given its low price point, the ASUS RT-N12HP can also be easily used as an Access Point for your wired router, or indeed as a Range Extender for your existing wireless setup.  Regardless of what you use the ASUS RT-N12HP as, high wireless coverage is guaranteed, as are rated speeds. And with its extreme ease of setup through a simple UI with some decent options to dig down into, the ASUS RT-N12HP is one of the best wireless routers out in the market.


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