In the never-ending tablet war, there are few companies as dedicated as Axtrom. Nearly every month the company spits out a new Android tablet, and this month is no exception. Today I’ve got the Axtrom Axpad 10P01 to play around with to see just what’s changed in this latest model.

Build quality & design

From a build point of view, Axtrom have traditionally gone for cheap glossy plastic in their tablets. This may make the tablet cheaper to manufacture and lighter, but it also made for a rather fragile device. The Axpad 10P01 features a brushed aluminum back, which is something new for Axtrom’s tablets. It’s also designed entirely in white and silver, making for a somewhat refreshing design change. Around the edge of the device is the power button, volume rocker, and headphone jack. You also have a tiny port for the power connector, which unfortunately isn’t the standard microUSB found on most Android tablets. But oddly enough, there is a microUSB connector and microSD card slot hidden behind a plastic flap, a flap that requires a chisel to get into because it’s so stiff. Connecting a USB cable to the miniUSB port allowed me to access the drive on my laptop, but connecting a power cable did nothing. So if you ever need to recharge the Axpad 10P01, you’d better have its power adapter along with you.

Axtrom Axpad 10P01 Review

Benchmarks and Performance

Under the hood of the Axpad 10P01 is an Intel Atom CPU clocked in at 1.6GHz. For most basic apps this is adequate, but firing up certain applications and games brought the Axpad to its knees. I tried out ‘Velocispider’, one of the current popular games on Android, but this was nearly unplayable due to the tablet not being able to quickly relay information from its accelerometer to the game fast enough. So whenever I tilted the tablet, there would be a half-second delay, which would mess up my game every time. Watching movies on the Axpad 10P01 was a mixed bag – a lot of the videos I watched seemed to show up letterboxed, so there would always be thin black bars at the top and bottom.

Axtrom Axpad 10P01 Review

Bloatware here is kept at zero – Axtrom haven’t tweaked anything in the default Android OS, and don’t bundle a deluge of extra apps like with other tablets, so this is always a welcome change.

Screen and Camera

The 10.1” screen on the Axpad 10P01 sports a rather bizarre resolution of 1280 x 752, at about 160 dpi – this probably explains the letterboxing effect in most videos. The screen is decent enough for viewing indoors, but it reflects a lot of light, making it hard to see outdoors or in a bright office environment. The Axpad 10P01 has a front facing camera for video chats, but no camera on the back (oddly enough there is a small slot for a rear camera, but it’s been covered by a small mirror instead).

Axtrom Axpad 10P01 Review

Sound quality on the Axpad 10P01 is passable – the small spear at the rear of the device offers an acceptable level of sound at max volume, but lay the tablet on a flat surface and you’ll pretty much drown out most of the sound.


The Axpad 10P01 is an updated look for Axtrom’s range of tablets, but once you look past the cosmetic changes, you’ve got a regular basic Android tablet. The entry-level processor has a bit of difficulty at times, but clearly if you wanted something more powerful you’d splurge for one of the higher-end Android tablets on the market.

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