What do you get when you combine BMW and Bang & Olufsen? Simply put, design and sound that leaves you speechless. We were invited to see and hear this collaboration between the two European companies that are masters of their art and we did not leave disappointed. A small gathering at ikonhouse design in Al Qouz welcomed Mikkel Venge, Industrial Designer at Bang & Olufsen Automotive who explained the process of how a concept is initially developed, then translated into real world prototypes and finally into production.

Commenting on his visit to Dubai, Venge said: “I would like to thank AGMC and Ikonhouse for giving me the chance to speak at this evening’s event. Bang & Olufsen’s partnership with BMW is a pinnacle part of our business due to the fact that both brands are experts within their different fields. And the result? A premium product made even more premium thanks to our high-end sound systems.”

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