BenQ recently introduced the educational interactive ultra-short throw projector, the MW855UST, which is ideal for interactive learning.

BenQ Middle East and Turkey recently introduced the MW855UST ultra-short throw projector. The projector is targeted primarily for educational purposes with total classroom interactive capabilities. It comes with dual HDMI inputs and optional PointWrite interactivity. The 3,500 ANSI lumen brightness and lamp life are enhanced by the SmartEco technology for long lasting, reliable and vibrant images.

The MW855UST can project images up to 100 inches at a very small distance of 0.43 meters. It also has a Corner Fit Correction feature which can be used when the projector is used to display images on restricted or uneven spaces, thus helping to correct each distorted corner to get a perfect rectangular image. As it is targeted at classrooms, the MW855UST comes with the PointWrite technology which allows multiple students to contribute at once. The new combined interactive and touch solutions brings a new level of simplicity, while turning any space into an interactive whiteboard with pens or simply with fingers. This PointWrite display can also be scaled and includes a scalable dual screen feature as well, which can be used to merge two screens seamlessly. The MW855UST also supports MHL Connectivity through which teachers and students can share anything from their Android devices instantly to the projector screen.

The MW855UST is also surprisingly power saving. BenQ’s SmartEco Technology provides dynamic power saving without compromising picture quality and lamp life. Schools and corporations will be able to save up to 70% of power consumption and also save on maintenance costs.

Manish Bakshi, Managing Director for BenQ Middle East and Turkey, “MW855UST is the best answer for small offices and classrooms as it gives amazing big picture in ultra-short-distance, which means no shadow reflection of the teacher on the board that might distract the student. MW855UST is perfect for new smart educational system.”


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