BMW was present at the STEP Conference in Dubai showcasing the latest BMW i8 and some of it’s connectivity features. During the presentation, Michael Keller who is Regional Marketing Manager for BMW Group Middle East showed a slide with many of the phones and wearables that have apps made by BMW and the Apple Watch was amongst them. We managed to speak with Mr. Keller following his presentation and asked him about some of the features we can expect from the BMW Remote App on the Apple Watch.

Keller explained that the free BMW Remote App will allow you check the condition of your car battery as well as the time needed to charge the battery on the BMW i8. You will also be able to use the app to start the vents inside your car as well as lock/unlock it remotely.

More features are planned for the app in the future. BMW’s Remote App will also be available for other wearables such as Samsung’s Gear series of watches as well as on Android devices and iPhones.


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