Cadillac Apple CarPlay
This summer Cadillac will begin deploying Apple CarPlay on the majority of its 2016 models. This is a key aspect of several enhancements in connectivity and control features to Cadillac CUE. The Android Auto system for Android phone users is expected to be added later in the model year, as well.

Cadillac is getting ready to integrate almost all of it’s upcoming vehicles with Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto. These additions are part of a broader enhancement of CUE, Cadillac’s user experience, with new features and a faster, streamlined operation.

Except for the SRX, all of the other Cadillac 2016 models equipped with an 8-inch multi-touch screen will support Apple and Google’s car integrations. While CarPlay will be built-in, Android Auto ix expected to arrive at a later date. Although Apple announced updates to CarPlay during WWDC on Monday such as wireless connectivity, these new Cadillacs will be using the previous generation of CarPlay which means that you will need to connect your phone with a USB cable to access such functionality.

“Cadillac’s product transformation includes continuing upgrades to connectivity and in-car technology,” says David Leone, Executive Chief Engineer. “In 2015 Cadillac became the first luxury brand to feature broad use of wireless charging and connectivity, and now in 2016 we’re moving quickly to enhance phone integration and overall system performance.”

The way CarPlay and Android Auto will work is that a “Projection” icon will appear on the CUE screen which will enable access to your iPhone’s functions such as making calls, receiving messages and listening to music or using voice functionality. If you’re using Android, you’ll have access to Google Maps and Google Now as well as third party apps like WhatsApp and Skype.

Cadillac will be adding a more powerful processor to CUE for all 2016 models, enabling faster system start-up, voice recognition, navigation searches, and media playing. For the Escalade, CTS and XTS product lines, the Cadillac CUE screen will add Surround Vision, a 360-degree view of the vehicle’s perimeter.


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