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Chromebook ditches OK Google

Could this mean Google Assistant is coming to the Chromebook?

Chromebook Ditches Ok Google

We might be seeing the end of Google's OK Google voice search feature on Google's Chromebooks, making room for Google Assistant.

As of now, users can go through their Chromebook's settings to set up instant search via an 'OK, Google' prompt. However, according to Chrome Unboxed, this functionality is being removed in favor of a more front-and-center process for the feature-heavy Google Assistant.

Since both the search and Google Assistant are voice activated with the same hotwords, it is likely that Google will phase out voice search to reduce confusion over the phrases on the Chromebook.

We dont know when exactly Google will update the Chromebooks with Google Assistant, and it is also quite early. Rumors point at  Google potentially working on a new 'Eve' model of the Chromebook as well.


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