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Cortana to face Google Assistant and Alexa next year

Get set for an all out AI battle

Cortana To Face Google Assistant And Alexa Next Year

Looks like next year we might see a battle between Microsoft's AI Cortana, Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa.

Rumors have it that Cortana will be reportedly playing a bigger role in Bluetooth speakers. Harmon Kardon has teased an upcoming premium speaker that might actually feature Cortana. In the 30 second teaser, we can hear Cortana responding to voice commands and even playing music or setting reminders.

Though it seems quite simple, we will have to wait till CES 2017 to see the full range of Cortana's abilties. For example, on PCs and smartphones, Cortana has already proven to be quick witted, capable of quick searches, learning more about you and making better suggestions over time.

Cortana will be going up against Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, both which are currently dominating the smart speaker market. However, rumors also suggest that Cortana will soon move from speakers to refrigerators and thermostats as well.


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