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Create GIFs easily with Facebook Mobile

Make your News Feed a little more interesting

Create Gifs Easily With Facebook Mobile

If you ever thought that Facebook was running out of ideas to make your News Feed more interesting, the social media giant is going to prove you wrong.

According to The Next Web, the company is reportedly working on a new feature on the mobile app that will allow users to create GIFs easily. Found in the upper portion of the app's camera, the GIF maker seemingly allows for short, looping video that can be augmented with effects and captions.

As of now, it appears that this new feature is not available to all users at this time. Those who have it for now might be part of a small test group, or the update might be rolling out slowly. It is also suspected that Facebook's new feature might be more focused on iOS devices instead of Android.

The feature has not been confirmed by Facebook yet, who will provide more information soon.


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