With the sheer number of Android phones released every quarter, it is becoming increasingly hard for manufacturers to differentiate their products from their competitors. Specs are no longer the sole factor on which a consumer’s purchase decision is based on and the reason is that Google as optimized Android to run really well even on mid range products. Yes, there’s always the need for the latest/greatest/fastest but that is also not a competitive edge as chip manufacturers like Qualcomm will sell their fastest processors to all manufacturers.

So how do you differentiate yourself from your competitor’s phone which can have an identical set of specifications? In two ways really- the software and the design. Both of these aspects play a very important role but it’s usually the design of the phone that initially attracts you to it and makes you fall in love with the device. And there is no Android phone that is as beautiful or eye-catching as the new HTC One M8.

Available in three different colors- Gunmetal Grey, Glacial Silver and Amber Gold, and with a brushed aluminum finish, the HTC One M8 feels no less than a coveted piece of jewellery in your hands. Where the original HTC One set the standards with a 70% metallic case that competitors are still trying to match, the M8 throws it out of the park by upping that to an incredible 90% metal design. The back of the phone is constructed using a single piece of metal that is curved to fit better in your hands and wraps around the sides to reach the screen on the front for a stunning fit and finish.

Antennas equipped inside mobile phones don’t generally play well with metal surfaces so it is quite incredible what HTC has done considering the M8 has ten antennas inside it. With a 90% metal design, the engineering team at HTC surely had their set of challenges and considering how you don’t even think twice about reception quality, they’ve certainly done a great job with the design.

The following video from HTC shows the passion, dedication and work that went into creating the new HTC One M8.

HTC One M8 Treasure Hunt Word #3

Ten Antennas

What is this?

This is a clue for the HTC One M8 Treasure Hunt competition. Click here to find out more and participate in this competition.


  1. For the treasure hunt III can i just enter “antennas” ?
    Because it says ‘words’ but on the competitions says ‘word’

  2. For the treasure hunt III can i just enter “antennas” ?
    Because it says ‘words’ but on the competitions says ‘word’

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