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DJI Spark drone needs firmware update to takeoff

Last Date September 1st

Dji Spark Drone Needs Firmware Update To Takeoff

DJI Spark owners will have to install the latest firmware update when DJI releases it this week, or else their drone will be grounded from September 1st.

The update brings a batch of improvements to the drone, which includes enhanced safety features. The improvements also include a boost to the battery management system for optimal power usage while in flight, support for full integration with the DJI Goggles and, when using the hand-gesture controlled PalmLaunch function, increased stability after takeoff. 

The update will also improve the control accuracy when in QuickShot Dronie mode and a compatibility upgrade for the remote controller when it syncs with new firmware updates.

However, users who do not update their drones, will result in their drones not being cleared for takeoff. According to DJI, it decided to keep Spark drones that don't get the mandatory update from launching to "maximize flight safety and product reliability which we consider top priorities."

You'll get an alert when the firmware is ready through the DJI GO 4 app, but note you'll need an internet connection to install the firmware to the drone and battery. Another option is to install the firmware through DJI Assistant 2, the company's desktop software.


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