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Dolby Access to change the Xbox One audio experience

Spatial sound coming to Xbox One

Dolby Access To Change The Xbox One Audio Experience

One of the best kept secrets at E3, Dolby's new Dolby Access app is targeted specifically at Xbox One, One S and One X along with Windows 10 users, promising them 360 degree surround sound. For cheap.

The app's quiet release (ironic, isnt it?), to Windows Store dates all the way back to the Creators Update, and Dolby brought it back up at E3 2017 to announce  dedicated Atmos support for Gears of War 4 and Crackdown 3 coming soon, with many more to support the tech later on. 

To use the feature, you will  need Atmos-enabled hardware. However, if your are a little tight on the budget, the Dolby Access will help. The app can basically  inject Dolby Atmos spatial sound into your PC and console audio mix with the headphones that you already own. Once the software is activated and the rich sound profile woven in, the app aims to squeeze even more from the sound design found within your favorite virtual worlds. 

It is a pretty cheap enhancement to be honest. For just  $14.99, you can get Atmos in your current headphones. The best part is, there’s a 30-day free trial to test it out.


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