YotaPhone, the phone with two screens launched in the UAE yesterday with a price tag for AED 2300. The screen on the front of YotaPhone is the kind that we’re used to with all mobile phones but flip it around and you get an e-ink display that shows all your notifications and anything else you want it to.

E-ink displays don’t consume any battery to show information on the screen. The only time they require power is when your screen is updated. This allows YotaPhone to consume a lot less battery than your average Android device that needs the main screen switched on to check for notifications. YotaPhone CEO, Vladislav Martynov mentioned that you can get 50 hours on reading an Ebook on the back screen but traditional phone usage doesn’t show YotaPhone to last much longer than a good Android device such as the HTC One M8 or Samsung the Galaxy S5.

The secondary screen on the back of YotaPhone is certainly an interesting concept. With your phone flipped over, you can get notifications such as incoming text messages, social media updates or RSS feeds on the back of your screen. You can also print anything that is on the front screen to the back with a two finger swipe such as your boarding pass or your parking position in the mall. These images will stay on the secondary display even if your phone runs completely out of charge.

Yote Devices has also opened up its platform to developers to make use of the secondary screen. A cute example that was shown was that if your incoming message contains the word coffee, an image of coffee is displayed along with the text on the flip side. There seem to be quite a few interesting opportunities for developers to tap into.

YotaPhone Launch 10

Another advantage that the YotaPhone has with the e-ink display is the readability in direct sunlight. If you own a traditional Kindle device from Amazon, you’ll know how it is perfectly readable outdoors and YotaPhone uses the same technology.

YotaPhone is now available in stores across the UAE with Jumbo Electronics acting as the primary distributor.


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