Official Twitter account hacked by group that goes by the username @TheHorsemenLulz.

One of the tweets posted.

One of the tweets posted.

Just after 7:15 pm today, users have been noticing some unusual tweets coming from the official Twitter account of Dubai Police. One tweet mentioned, "Dubai Police is spying on you, isn't it fair that we the people do the same back?" and accompanied by an image of the four horsemen wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

The group who claim responsibility for the hack, @TheHorsemenLulz bears a simple profile and a small description that says, "we do it for teh lulz ;)" A quick check of the profile shows that the account has less than a hundred followers. They have also managed to hack Dubai Police's other social media accounts, including Tumblr, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Dubai Police have yet to issue a statement and we will update this information as they become available. 

[UPDATE] All seems to be back to normal. Previous tweets from Dubai Police's account have been deleted.



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