If you’ve got friends and relatives in the UK, or plan to travel to the British Islands, you may not be able to use any encrypted services soon. The move comes in an attempt to track down terrorists in the wake of the Paris attacks last week. British Prime Minister David Cameron has said he doesn’t want instant messenger services running on his country’s network if they cannot be decrypted. Cameron says that unless the companies behind these services give the UK government special access to the messages, the apps will be banned from use.

Yes, we are looking at popular apps such as WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Blackberry BBM and even Apple’s iMessage and iCloud who have enabled strong encryptions in the wake of security agencies and hackers being able to sniff each and every bit of data exchanged. It seems like blackmail for the app developers as they face losing their market share in UK. Ironically, David Cameron himself uses a Blackberry smartphone.


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