After months of waiting, Microsoft today announced the Xbox One. Here’s what transpired at the reveal event, everything that was announced and promised for the next-gen system.

Q. What is it called?
Xbox One.

Xbox One: F.A.Q

Q. How’s the UI like and what are the new features?

Very much like the Xbox, but with a multitude of tweaks including tighter Kinect integration.

Xbox One: F.A.Q

Xbox One features instant switching between TV, movie, games, music and browsing using Kinect. You can also control the UI with hand-gestures.

Xbox Snap Mode can snap multiple applications together, like snapping Internet Explorer on the side of the screen while playing a movie. Snap Mode also supports Skype calls while playing content.

Xbox One Guide features TV show guides. Sadly, none of this will work in the ME region.

Q. What are the specs?
– 8GB of RAM
– Blu-ray Drive
– x64
– 500GB HDD
– 8-core CPU
– WiFi Built-in
– USB 3

Q. Kinect 2.0?
Yup, of course. But better and more powerful.

Kinect 2.0 can detect wrist movements, weight balance, etc. Here’s our impressions.

Xbox One: F.A.Q

Q. Will Kinect be a requirement to run Xbox One, as rumored?
Yes, that seems to be the case. A Microsoft executive has confirmed that “Kinect does require to be connected to the Xbox One in all cases.” However, Kinect will be included with the Xbox One, so you don’t have to fork out extra cash for the hardware.

Q. How does the new controller look like?

The new controller features 40 new improvements and a slightly reworked ergonomics. Below is the first look and here is our impressions.

Xbox One: F.A.Q

Q. What’s new with Xbox Live?
More than 300,000 servers for Xbox One. You can access your movies, music, games and saves through cloud.

Xbox One will have native capture and sharing tools to record video from games.

The improved Xbox Live means developers can host bigger matches and can create bigger worlds.

Q. How about the games?

– Microsoft plans to release 15 new exclusive games in the first year of Xbox One. Eight of which will be new IPs.

– EA will be brining FIFA 14, NFL, Madden, and UFC. All four will release this year. These games will be powered by EA Sports Ignite, a new engine. Ignite will help create life-like AI, intelligence, player motion, and living worlds, etc. It allows players to make decision with four times the computing power than possible before.

– Forza Motorsport 5. The game will be available at launch.

[img title=”Xbox One: F.A.Q” alt=”Xbox One: F.A.Q” src=”” >

– Quantum Break from Remedy. Yay!

Xbox One: F.A.Q

– Live action Halo TV series announced by 343 Industries. It will be helmed by Steven Spielberg.

– Call of Duty: Ghosts. It will be loyal with the timed-exclusivity for DLCs. The game will use next-gen engine. Not impressed? It has mo-capped dog motion. How about now? Ghosts will run on 60fps, with low-latency controls. Activision says, “it will be the best Call of Duty game” they have ever made.

– Ubisoft separately announced Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV for the Xbox One.

– Destiny confirmed.

– Thief.

– EA has confirmed Battlefield 4 for Xbox One, as well.

Q. Will it be always-online?
Microsoft is sending our mixed responses for this one. Microsoft’s UK marketing director Harvey Eagler reportedly confirmed that the Xbox One will not require always-on Internet connection, but contradicting his statement is Microsoft vice president Phill Harrison, who told Kotaku that the Xbox One will indeed require Internet connection to function. He further added that a player must connect within 24 hours after being offline.

Q. Are my Gamerscore and achievements safe?
Don’t worry, they will be ported over to the Xbox One, along with your avatar. So, I am guessing the Avatars are back, too.

Q. Will it have backwards compatibility?
Unfortunately, no. Game licenses will not carry over, so whatever you have purchased on the Xbox 360 will be unplayable on the Xbox One. TV and movies will be fine, though.

Q. Will it block used games?
This is unclear at the moment. However, according to a report from Wired, game installs on the Xbox One will be mandatory, and each game will be tied to an account. If a second account wants to play from the same disc, a small fee must be paid in order to do so (an Online Pass system, if you may, but for games). There is no word on what the fee charge will be.

Q. Release date?
“Around the world later this year”, is the official word.



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