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Facebook brings group calls from desktop

Look out Skype

Facebook Brings Group Calls From Desktop

With Facebook currently trying to do all it can to be the become a social media hub in itself, the latest step its taken is giving select number of users the option to make group audio calls from the desktop.

To see if you got the feature, all you have to do is log into Facebook and open a group chat window, and if you see a phone call icon and a notification, then you are one of the select few. The feature was earlier added to the mobile version of Messenger in April. The feature is currently available only on a few accounts, but we dont know when it will make its way into everyone's account.

The advantage Facebook has over apps like Skype and Hangouts is that almost everyone is already on their network. Additionally, group calling is not the only update Facebook is bringing in, as the social media giant is also experimenting with new options for hiding adverts as well.

As of now the trials are heavily restricted to parenting products and alcohol related ads, but Facebook says that it may expand in the coming future. The company has allowed users to tweak ad settings for a while, but this would be the first time they can pro actively block certain topics.

We shall know more once Facebook makes an official announcement.


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