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Facebook Messenger to get "Instant Games"

More testing for Facebook Messenger games going on

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Facebook has been working on making its own Messenger app a new platform entirely, and much more than just a place to chat with friends. The latest reports point at more games coming to the platform as well.

The Facebook Messenger app comes with various different features, such as shopping aid, payments, reminders among others. There have also been small flash games included as well. However, now the next big step for the Messenger will be focused towards gaming, and the company will take the help of developers like King of the Candy Crush fame. Facebook is said to be working on titles for an imminent launch, and the feature will be called Instant Games.

Sure there are already mini games such as chess, basketball and football, but the upcoming games will be on a whole different level. This also shows how Facebook is trying to keep its users within their app itself instead of straying over to other apps owned by companies like Google or Apple.

If rumors are true, once you install Messenger and get the games, you will be able to challenge your friends directly inside the app and Facebook would take care of in-game purchases. Sources say that there will a development kit arriving later this month as well.


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