Facebook announced on Thursday that they will be testing a new buy button with a number of small businesses in the U.S

According to the report by CNN money, the button is available on the mobile and desktop versions of the website and will allow customers to purchase products directly this way.

While Facebook isn’t specifying how many businesses are taking part in this test, they estimate that if successful, Facebook may well release the buy button globally targeting over 30 million business pages that are run everyday. The social media giant wants to build an e-commerce platform that helps businesses without the hassle. When the buy button is clicked, users are directed to make a transaction, processing goes through a third party or a vendor. All this happens without the user leaving the page or sharing information directly to Facebook.

While the feature is free for now and in testing stages, it’s likely that this could potentially become a paid service to not only build sales but to analyse how well retailers engage with their customers.


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