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Facebook to bring back public chat rooms in Messenger

What could go wrong with public chatrooms right?

Facebook Chats

As part of Facebook's ongoing quest to be the best social platform, the company's Messenger app is getting one more new feature. Public chat rooms.

Earlier seen as part of a leaked code, this new feature is called Rooms and it has been tested earlier by Facebook years back. The new feature would allow anyone to join in on a group chat without having to be connected to the social network. However, if needed the Rooms can also be made private, requiring an approval to join.

As of now the feature is only available in Australia and Canada, but now that Facebook has made the announcement public, we might see the feature coming to other countries soon. "This will be for topic-based conversations and so people can talk with others they may not know," Facebook product manager Drew Moxon told The Courier Mail.

This might feel nostalgic for Facebook, since bulletin boards and public chat rooms are what helped form online communities that laid the foundation for today's social networks. So in a way, it can be considered as a tried and trusted method, except now it will be locked into Facebook's app on your phone.


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