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Feature: Leave your consoles in the dust with the Console Slayer Gaming PC

Feature: Leave your consoles in the dust with the Console Slayer Gaming PC

Isn’t it time you played videogames the way they were meant to be played?

PC gamers and console gamers will forever be locked in an eternal battle of which one is the better gaming platform. However if like me, you’ve finally seen the light and want to move from gaming on a console to gaming on a PC, there are limitless options and configurations to choose from. You certainly want something that can deliver on-par or better performance than a gaming console, so if that’s what you’re in the market for, then the Console Slayer Gaming PC from gear-up.me is a great choice to start with. This PC is a great if you want to get into gaming PC with a good base configuration, and potentially expand or swap out components later on down the line. What’s also good to know is that the Console Slayer is fully configurable, so you can always swap around components to build a machine that suits your needs.


As mentioned before, you can configure the Console Slayer PC to whatever specifications you like, depending on your budget. Here's what our build featured:

Motherboard: MSI B250 PRO-VD
Processor: INTEL CORE I5 7400
Processor Cooling: INTEL STOCK COOLER
Graphics: MSI GTX OC 1060 3G GPU
Power Supply: FRACTAL DESIGN INTEGRA 550w  MODULAR PSU                                                                  
Network:  Realtek® RTL8111H Gigabit LAN controller
Audio: Audio boost Realtek ALC887 codec 7.1 channel high definition audio
Peripheral Interfaces: 4 x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 , 3 X USB 3.1
Cooling:  1X 120mm intake airflow fan with light.
OS: Windows 10 Trial version

Taking a look at the specifications on offer, you get some pretty decent internals for what you’re paying. The GTX 1060 is a great card to work with as it’s priced well and delivers some very good performance. The case is a no-frills one, with a window on one side so you can admire all of the geeky goodness within – something you’ll never see on a console, that’s for sure. The case is roomy enough to take slightly larger cards or a different motherboard when you want to upgrade, while still leaving plenty of room for ventilation and neat cabling, something that most gamers will appreciate. The case itself is fuss-free, and while it’s obviously considerably larger than a gaming console, it’s not as big as some other PC kits we’ve seen.

For a gaming PC, it runs fairly quiet – just like most consoles, which is always a good thing. The last thing you want is to have something that sounds like a leaf blower sitting by your desk. There’s plenty of connectivity options as well, and overall it’s a decently built PC. The lighting effects are kept to a minimum here, but you’re free to add in your own little flairs if you like at a later time.


Performance is what we’re looking at here – we’re aiming for a bit of middle ground in terms of benchmarks. That means comfortable framerates at medium to high settings in most games, which should be easily achieved with the supplied specifications. Our first round of benchmarks yielded promising results, with PCMark 10 coming in at a respectable score of 4049. There’s more than enough here to deal with normal PC tasks such as photo editing and editing some gaming footage or streaming online. For gaming benchmarks, TimeSpy DX12 scored 1820, Fire Strike scored 5513, and the VRMark Orange Room test came back with 3027. These scores aren’t going to compete with a very high-end gaming rig, but they’re still more than comfortable for most videogames.

For our real-world gaming tests, we kicked off with LawBreakers, which has plenty of frantic onscreen action. We configured the game with a mix of medium and high settings, and it ran between 51-62fps depending on what was on screen (heavy on-screen effects did slow down the framerate just a tad). Overwatch ran flawlessly on medium settings, clocking in an easy 68fps. Diablo III ran a little bit under at 44fps on a mixture of high settings.

The Console Slayer PC is a good starting point for anyone who’d like to make the jump from console gaming to gaming on a PC. You’ll easily push past the usual 30 or 60fps gap of consoles on most games that you’ll play, and the build itself is flexible enough to swap out for future component upgrades should you need to.

Build price quoted at AED 3,527 – for details click here

Nick Rego

Nick Rego

A former IT & Marketing Manager turned full time Editor, Nick enjoys playing videogames during work hours and tinkering with the latest gadgets.

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