If you ask any car enthusiast what car they would love to own, you’ll get a string of car names and manufacturers. One of them of course, will surely be Ferrari. The iconic company has long been the fantasy of every petrolhead, and while most of us won’t be able to save up enough to buy a Ferrari in our lifetime, we can perhaps get the next best thing – the T350 Ferrari headphones by Logic3.

Build Quality & Design

It’s no secret that the Ferrari brand has been licensed before for many uses, and this latest use of the iconic name and logo hopes to deliver a listening experience that you’ll remember. The headphones come packaged in a somber black box, with a simple product shot in the front and the headphone’s features at the back. Sliding the box apart I was greeted by a very stylish carry case, emblazoned with the silver Ferrari logo on the front. Unzipping this I was greeted by the T350 snugly fitted into its case, along with a few cables and adaptors.

Ferrari Cavallino T350 Headphones Review

Depending on what device you’re using the headphones with, you’ll be able to attach one of three cables. The first one is just a basic 3.5mm cable, the second has a 1-button remote control for use with Android, Blackberry, and most other mobile phones, while the third cable has a 3-button remote control for iOS devices. There are also two adaptors  – one will convert the 3.5mm jack to a larger jack for use with recording or DJ equipment, and the other one lets you use the headphones with aircraft on-board multimedia systems.

Ferrari Cavallino T350 Headphones Review

I have to confess that when I first opened the case, I did have a little sniff of the headphones, and sure enough I had that familiar leather ‘new car’ smell from them. The headphones feature a thick tan headband, which sits comfortably on your head, and is flanked by the large padded earcups, also finished with a leather trim. The T350 certainly carries the Ferrari branding loyally, and every single aspect of the headphones oozes pure luxury and comfort.


Of course the T350 is an attractive piece of equipment, but does it sound as good as it looks? Unfortunately, it’s bit of a hit and miss with these. While classical piano and orchestral pieces sounded rich and full of character, some more vocal tracks like Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” sounded surprisingly shrill and almost unbearable at higher volumes. Similarly, the piece “O Fortuna” sounded great at first, but as the orchestra and choir gained momentum, the tracks seemed to muddle together and the acoustic appreciation of the piece was lost. It’s a real shame, since you’d expect such expensive headphones to at least deliver respectable sound quality.

Ferrari Cavallino T350 Headphones Review

The T350 also features Active Noise Cancelling, and you’ll need to plug in two AAA batteries into the small compartment in the left earcup.  This highlights an important fact about these headphones – they will refuse to work without batteries in them, so anyone using these extensively will need to carry around a few extra batteries just in case. On the flip side, the noise cancelling was quite good, and should you need to quickly talk to someone, you can hold down the Ferrari logo on the right ear cup to temporarily cut off the audio.


Though they’re quite large, the T350 is quite comfortable to wear for long periods, thanks to the padded headband and ear cups. While most over-the-head pieces tend to press against my glasses, the T350 rested gently against my ears and made for some comfortable listening for a good hour or so.


The bottom line is that the T350 headset may be beautiful and expensive, but it delivers a very mediocre performance. Yes there’s some premium to pay for the Ferrari brand, but surely that is no excuse for sub-par audio? If you’re looking for just a headset that just looks good and you’re not too fussed about real audio quality (or the price tag), then you’ve found your calling with this beauty.


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