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Firefox now supports VR browsing

Surfing the Web just got more exciting

Firefox Now Supports Vr Browsing

Mozilla's Firefox, the open source web browser, just announced that it will soon be compatible with virtual reality headsets. 

In a new update set to come out today, Firefox will add support for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Called Firefox 55,  the upgraded web browser for Windows PCs will now include WebVR, which will allow  web browsers to function with VR headsets.

Other browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge added WebVR support earlier this year, so Firefox isnt exactly the first, but better late than never.

VR isnt the only thing coming with Firefox 55. The update will bring Firefox Screenshots, a new way to capture images on your screen, edit and export them in a shareable format without leaving your browser. It will also bring stability and security updates.

The update is set to come out today, but it's worth noting Firefox 55 may still take some time to roll out to everyone. The next major update is set to be on September 26th.


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