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Fitbit smartwatch to compete with Apple and Samsung

Aiming a bit high

Fit Smartwatch To Compete With Apple And Samsung

Fitbit's upcoming smartwatch is set to launch in its own proprietary app platform, thanks to Pebble. However, will it be able to stand up against brands like Samsung and Apple?

The new device is said to be waterproof, and will embed what Fitbit is calling an “app gallery” into its companion app, which is available on iOS, Android and Windows 10. From the platform, users will be able to add third-party applications to the smartwatch, similar to how users could augment Pebble’s now-defunct lineup of wearables.

According to The Verge, Pebble’s new software development kit (SDK), which was in development at the time of its liquidation, has been reworked for use with Fitbit’s new smartwatch.

With just a few short months from the actual launch, Fitbit CEO James Park isn’t naming names as to who will be making apps for the platform, though we’ve heard that it’s working on getting music streaming services on board. However, the  big issue with these services, Park says, is negotiation surrounding offline playback. 

The company is planning on playing with brands like Samsung and Apple, which it might do by focusing on simple apps in its own platform. It is too early to tell how things are shaping up, but we will know soon as the launch is  just a few months away.


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