Ever since the announcement of Ben Affleck as the new Batman, fans and critics alike have been wondering what the producers were on when they made that decision. But with the picture that @ZackSnyder posted on Twitter a few days back, I’m on the fence with this one as I think that it could go either way. So here are my five reasons why Ben Affleck would and wouldn’t be a good Batman. Let’s start with why I think it could work:

1) Affleck’s changed for the better.

His ‘Bennifer’ days are behind him. In recent years, he’s done great work in the form of films like Changing Lanes, The Town, State of Play, Argo and others. He deserves a shot as Batman because his acting has steadily improved and changed over the years. Even Robert Downey Jr was a different man before turning his life and career around.

2) Remember Heath Ledger?

Remember when Heath Ledger was announced as the Joker and how heavily criticised THAT decision was by the fans and critics? And how that run has turned out? Who’s to say Ben Affleck’s run as Batman wouldn’t be a success as well? Chill and wait until the movie comes out, then decide whether the actor is believable and right for the role or not.

3) Balancing the alter egos.

Affleck is likeable enough to be a decent and believable Bruce Wayne. And he’s got the acting chops to be badass enough when Batman’s required.

4) Zack Snyder is directing

Beyond rumours and guesses and speculations, we have no idea of what the actual plot of Batman vs Superman is going to be. Very little has been confirmed and set pics are just starting to come out. Whatever is planned for Batman vs Superman will most surely take advantage of Affleck’s acting chops and play on his strengths as Bruce Wayne and Batman. Even a good actor can’t do much with a bad script and a lousy director, as was the case with Daredevil. Snyder’s directing will no doubt be a bonus here.

5) He’ll be a better Batman than George Clooney

Pretty sure that’s a guarantee.

And moving on to the flip side, here are five reasons why Ben Affleck would be a horrible Batman

1) Christian Bale is Batman

Casting Christian Bale as Batman for the Dark Knight trilogy was a brilliant choice. Christian Bale’s acting, the intensity & the vocal chops alone hit the target dead on as Batman. There’s no way Ben Affleck can compete with that.

2) Remember Daredevil?

Or like me, are you still trying to wipe out the traces of Affleck’s run as Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) from all the corners of your mind? Affleck is just not the ‘superhero’ playing type and if he couldn’t even crack Daredevil, what are the odds he will be any good as Batman?

3) He’s a better director than an actor

Affleck’s directing chops are impressive and have caught the eye of the Academy Awards multiple times. Argo and The Town have both garnered recognition and awards for Affleck’s directing. Maybe if Affleck also directed Batman vs Superman and the film was set in Boston, he’d have a shot. Otherwise, no chance. Maybe Bruce Wayne will have a Boston accent?

4) Zack Snyder is directing

Remember Sucker Punch? And is it even possible to take Affleck seriously as an actor after, oh say, Gigli? Pairing these two could be a perfect recipe for creating disaster.

5) Is the DC Movie franchise intentionally trying to destroy itself?

At this point Marvel is casually walking all the way to the bank whilst the DC film franchise is still putting on their running shoes and trying to find a map to said bank.


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