It’s no surprise that the HTC One has impressed the entire team at t-break. In fact, it’s the first phone ever that can be seen carried by FOUR guys from our team. However, as good as a phone is, it will never be perfect for team t-break team. Thus, we came up with five suggestions for HTC that they could think about when designing the HTC Two. Or whatever the follow-up is called.

1) Micro SD Slot

When you ad an impressive camera like the 4 Ultrapixel version on the HTC One and give it the capability to record a Zoe, the built-in storage starts to drain quite quickly. We would have liked to see a MicroSD slot to add another 64GB of storage.

2) Vibration Control

The HTC One can buzz really loud- to the extend that it was woken me up from sleep one more than one occasion when lying flat on my bedside. It would be nice if HTC could give an option to turn down the vibration by a notch or two

3) More Colors

This may just be for purely cosmetic reasons, but I wish the HTC One came in more colors. I know there’s a red and blue version that’s supposed to be coming out, and if it does I’d swap out my grey version in a heartbeat.

4) Quick Silence

I would have liked to see a quick way to turn the phone to quiet mode. Even with the latest update, you still have to unlock the phone, swipe the notification panel and tap the sound profile mode- not very convenient when you;re watching a movie.

5) Better Keyboard

While there are tons of keyboard replacements in the Android app store, but out-of-the-box I think the HTC One’s keyboard could use a bit of improvement. It often seems to correct words that are spelt correctly, and even with gestures turned on, there are a few stumbling blocks if I swiped too quickly across the keyboard.


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