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Future iPhones could have a next-gen speaker

Speakers with magnets?

Future I Phones Could Have A Next Gen Speaker

Apple has just been awarded 48 new patents, and one of them seems to be an interesting audio upgrade in upcoming phones.

This new patent talks about a system that increases the magnetic field within the speaker, which in turn increases a mechanical force on the speaker's voice coil to improve its acoustics. Just like every patent,  it uses relatively dense language to describe what it sets out to achieve. But in simple terms, it will give you high quality audio performance  within the confines of increasingly slim devices. The patent also outlines  how Apple would prevent any device equipped with the magnet system from ruining other items that require on magnets, such as hotel key cards or gift cards.

Apple is known for its good quality speakers, for example the stereo array on its iPad Pro was particularly good. In comparison to the HTC's BoomSound tech, its phones have had rather average speakers.  But with the iPhone aiming to get slimmer, it would be interesting to see what this might look like.

As with all patents, there is always a chance that this tech would never make it to the final product. However, we can hope for the best. We might not see it in this year's upcoming iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, but expect it in future models.


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