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Galaxy S8 Plus reported to outperform its smaller screen brother for 2017

One report out of Korea claims that the Galaxy S8 Plus is going to be more popular than its smaller screen model and will bring in more sales

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Given the popularity of larger screen smartphones or phablets as we like to call them, they will naturally bring in more sales because of what they bring to the table. This would include a larger battery capacity, larger screen and in some instances, better hardware. The latest report coming out of Korea is siding with the upcoming Galaxy S8 Plus as being the most popular flagship from Samsung for the entire period of 2017. Remember that there are going to be a total of two models incoming on March 29; Galaxy S8 and its larger screen model, the Galaxy S8 Plus.

The Galaxy S8 Plus has been heavily rumored to come with a 6.2-inch screen, compared to the 5.7-inch display of the Galaxy S8. These rumors started sprouting because they were under the impression that Samsung was making moves to make sure everyone forgot about the Note7 as quickly as possible. Additionally, if the rumored 6.2-inch screen ends up being true, then it will serve users with a variety of purposes. Other rumors have claimed that the larger Galaxy S8 model is expected to feature a 3,750mAh battery while the regular model is going to be outfitted with a 3,250mAh cell.

That’s already a 500mAh battery difference according to the rumors, and coupling that with the impressive hardware that’s going to be neatly tucked inside these two smartphones, you can expect a lot of battery life improvements. Both versions of the flagship handset have been rumored to come with a curved-edge screen version only. 

However, the curved-edge screen will naturally carry a higher premium, but the report states that consumers are willing to spend more money if they gain access to better features. The report claims that you might have to spend $100 more on the Galaxy S8 as opposed to what you were paying for the Galaxy S7 edge, but we’ll have to wait and see if it’s going to be worth the money or not.


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