Keeping a smartphone like the HTC One M8 running as smoothly as possible is no easy feat. Users demand a slick and lag-free user experience, and even a fraction of delay can aggravate them.

Thankfully, the new HTC One M8 comes with the latest quad core Snapdragon 801 processor running at 2.3GHz and bundled with 2GB RAM. The updated processor makes a world of a difference, with apps opening and closing flawlessly, and multitasking becoming incredibly seamless. We ran AnTuTu Benchmark X on the HTC One M8 as well as on the original HTC One, to see just how the new processor compares to the previous model. Below are the results:

HTC One (M8) HTC One
Overall 33305 23283
UX- Multitask 6656 4266
UX – Runtime 3532 2530
CPU Integrer 2544 2106
CPU Float-point 3178 2226
RAM Operations 1255 1026
RAM Speed 2723 1487
GPU Res 1080×1776 1080*1920
GPU 2D 1612 1643
GPU 3D 9315 6064
IO Storage 1815 1290
IO Database 675 645

As you can see, the new Snapdragon processor provides a significant boost to the HTC One M8, which means that pretty much any app you fire up will run without any hiccups.

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