So many of us snap photos with our smartphones that it’s almost second nature. Anytime something is happening or we want to remember a moment, we reach for our phones and fire up the camera. But sometimes those great moments are marred by a terrible smartphone camera, or the inability to capture a photo in time.

Thanks to the camera on the new HTC One M8, these problems are a thing of the past. Last year, HTC introduced us to Ultrapixels,  focusing on taking better pictures but not increasing the pixel count but rather the size of each pixel. There is also a second camera that has been added at the back.  The function of additional camera is to work as a Depth Sensor​ to measure depths of objects in your photos. This allows you to instantly refocus parts of an image using UFocus even after you’ve taken it, which is great if you accidentally focused on another part of a photo when you clicked it.

For the creative ones out there, HTC have also included a ton of special filters and effects that you can apply both to your photos and videos to make for some very interesting compositions. You can also take special panoramic photos as well as Dual Capture, which takes a photo from the front and rear cameras. Of course the fantastic Zoe feature returns as well, which lets you automatically create short clips that combine photos and videos with effects and background music, all with just a single tap.

The video below demonstrates some of the awesome new camera tricks you can pull off with the HTC One M8:

HTC One M8 Treasure Hunt Word #4


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