With all the companies listing themselves for virtual reality technology, Gigabyte and ASUS is not far behind.

The popular hardware vendor has revealed that it has plans for a VR device with tech firm 3Glasses. The news comes from DigiTimes, and states that with the potential weaker laptop sales next year, notebook makers are looking into VR to help differentiate and push their gaming portables. It is still unclear what form the VR device will take.

Sources also claim that ASUS will also be launching a VR product to be used with its gaming notebooks, which could potentially be the budget version of the Microsoft HoloLens. There are also chances that it could be two completely separate products and ASUS could have two devices planned.

The two new devices are set to come out in the first half of next year, which leads to the possibility that we should be hearing more news about these devices soon.


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