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GITEX Shopper 2017 Hub

GITEX Shopper 2017 Hub

With GITEX Shopper 2017 going on at full swing, we have a whole bunch of articles for you to read. To make things easier, we have bundled up all of these articles into one place. Be sure to check out this page every now and then to see what new article has been posted.

Deals spotted at Sharaf DG

Deals spotted at Plug-ins

Deals spotted at Jackys

Deals spotted at Emax

Top 5 Laptop Deals

Top 5 Mobile Phone deals

Top 5 TV deals

Top 5 Camera Deals

Top 5 Tablet Deals

Here are some of the strangest deals we saw at GITEX Shopper 2017 (Video)

Tony Luke

Tony Luke

A child stuck in a man's body, Tony loves all the techy toys, especially the ones with flashy lights. Often found in a corner playing make belief games with action figures.

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